Monthly Money Tracker (Free Download)

Monthly Money Tracker (Free Download)

Back in the day before kids when I had all my brain cells to myself, I was a rockstar at keeping up with my checkbook and budget. Well, I suppose saying that I had a budget wouldn’t be a fair statement. I didn’t really need a budget. I was single and was working full time with a very minimum amount of bills. Ah, life was easy then. Fast forward to 12 years later, and I’m struggling to even remember to put real shoes on for school drop off. So, I decided to create a monthly money tracker that would keep all the info in one spot for each month.

The problem

My issue has become forgetting whether or not we’ve paid a bill. Math Man is brilliant at budgeting and keeping up with the numbers. A few years ago when I was pregnant and chasing other kids, I accidentally let too many bills go by. We paid late fees or just felt dumb, and I handed the bill paying over to Math Man.

Now, my brain is (sort of) back on track, and I’m realizing that I don’t like not seeing the process or being involved. And while a check register is nice, the traditional pages don’t offer up a spot for me to track what is due when, whether or not it was paid, or any other sort of budget-keeping information.

I’m not at all number-enthusiastic, but I do like to have a logical organization of where we stand monetarily. Unfortunately, I can’t rely on my own brain to remember all the things (hence, cluttered genius).

A solution

On this monthly money tracker, I’ve created a spot to list all our bills, when they are due, and whether or not they were paid. I’ve also created a check register portion to watch debits and credits as the month goes on.

Then, I included a spot for income. Yes, this will be part of the check register portion. My thought was that if we needed to look back at any particular month to compare paychecks or other sources of income, this would be handy.

We need to watch what we’re doing as far as tithing and saving, so I’ve added an area to make that more of a visible piece of our planning. I truly think that we haven’t done so well in either of these realms because we weren’t looking at something in print.

This is bound to help us, so I wanted to share with my readers. Grab it here. No opt-in required.

Genius Monthly Money Tracker free download

Grab your copy

Genius Monthly Money Tracker (click to download) NOTE: It’s two pages with the intent of having a front and back. The back is solely an additional set of lines for the register portion.

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Tell me: how do you best track your income and spending?

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  1. Shortly after the birth of one of my children (don’t remember which…), we missed a bunch of bills too. Actually had our water shut off at one point. 🙁 After that I put everything on autodraft and stopped worrying about it. It’s made that part a lot easier, but I still feel a bit out of touch with our money sometimes.

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