Package from Santa: So fun!

Package from Santa: So fun!

Santa is on the way, and my kids are so excited. Ever since Thanksgiving ended and we opened the first Christmas decoration box, it’s “Santa this” and “Santa that.” Then, my kids received their Package from Santa, and it’s like the whole season is ready to truly begin.

The package arrives in a really cool envelope that appears extremely official. The return address is the North Pole, and my 7 year old was very careful about reading the information to his little brother and sister.

package from santa collection

Inside, the kids were treated to a letter from Santa, a certificate of being on the Nice List, a picture of Santa and one of his elves, and a flight plan for Santa’s big night on Christmas Eve.

When I set up the package’s arrival, I had really fun options I could choose from. I could have chosen that my kids receive a standard template letter, but I opted to write my own. Because I want to incorporate both the fun of Santa and Christmas with the true meaning of the birth of Jesus, I wrote my own letter that would encourage my littles to remember why we’re having this holiday in the first place.

Letter from Santa

My kids were excited although a bit confused. How could Santa have already sent them a letter when it wasn’t even December? That led to a fun discussion between the three of them. The 7 year old was the voice of reason and logic: Santa is magic, guys!

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Every Package From Santa includes both tangible & technological delights including:

  • a personalized Santa Letter that arrives in the mail
  • a personalized VIDEO starring your child via email
  • a personalized PHONE CALL
  • a personalized printable NICE LIST GUIDE
  • and the option to upgrade with MORE goodies!

Get your Package from Santa today! I want to hear about it when you do!

I received a free package in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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