Repurposed Porch Decor

Repurposed Porch Decor

When my babies were little, I found myself not crafting. Sure, here and there I would create a little something. But it was nothing like the “old days” of pre-kids or pre-multiple kids. When Sassy Pants (12) was a baby, she was the only one to contend with, so it was during her naps that I would paint or scrapbook or cross stitch. Now that the three youngest are getting to more trust-worthy ages, I find that I’m doing more and more (finally!) and this summer I’ve started our repurposed porch decor project!

When we moved, the old house (now my parents’ house) had some doors they no longer wanted or needed. The house itself is from the late 1930s, so the doors are the old fashioned doors with the glass door knobs. Cool doors but in the way for what Mom & Dad wanted to do with some of their rooms.

I asked if we could have these unwanted doors, and Math Man and I quickly agreed that it would be cool to create scenes on them for our new (to us) wrap-around front porch.

Starting from Scratch

front porch door before

Since we’d have 2 full doors and could create a different scene on each side, it made perfect sense to create seasonal doors. Because it’s currently summer time, we opted for the summer door first. We were so excited about finding ways to add to our porch decor!

The kids and I talked through what we thought should be on the door. We originally planned to go with red, white, and blue to encompass summer’s season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Using the paint we already had on hand, we painted red stripes, used the white that was already on the door, and a blue top.

boys painting front door

Immediately, I wasn’t quite excited about the light blue for the top. This uncertain feeling was confirmed when the star I made out of masking tape didn’t look right AND turned in to a mess when I removed the tape. The paint below the tape peeled up, and I was dealing with two whites. Well, one cream and one white. I was extremely frustrated.

Math Man suggested that the white I hadn’t painted should just go ahead and be covered with actual white. This would allow it to really look clean. So, I did that. I tried to hand paint the star, and I just kept goofing it up.

front porch door awful

To say I was angry is putting it mildly. We went right to Pinterest and Google Images for inspiration.

Finding a New Plan

About 24 hours later, I found an image of a red and white striped collage that included a large shark, palm tree, beach umbrella and more. Considering the colors I had in the shed, I decided we’d go with a palm tree.

Sassy Pants felt like we should put “Hello Summer” somewhere on the door. After a while, I agreed with her. All of these were done free-handed.

hello summer front porch door

And now for the finished product!

In retrospect, I wish you couldn’t see the red beneath the tree’s leaves, but it’s ok. From the street and the sidewalk, it looks really cool. I’ve even had friends message me and say, “Woah! Your door on your porch looks awesome!”

I complemented the painting with some flower leis we quickly picked up at the Dollar Tree.

front porch decor repurposed

Have you ever created something from an old door? Or do you have any fancy porch decor to share? I want to know!

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5 thoughts on “Repurposed Porch Decor”

  1. I know what you mean about not doing any crafts once the kiddos were born. I only have one kiddo. Before she was born I probably spent 10 hours a week in a darkroom developing photographs, lots of time binding books by hand and occasionally doing other projects. After she was born I spent most of my time giving baby massages. Now in Japan I don’t have so much space to do crafts and my time is limited but I am happy to say that I am creating a skirt out of old neckties and every so often I make a book.

    Your old door looks great and it is wonderful that you got the whole family involved. I have an old window I got at a yard sale at my parents house waiting for me to have enough time to make it into something wonderful.

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