Summer Cake Creation with Betty Crocker

Summer Cake Creation with Betty Crocker

My Animal had his second birthday this past weekend. I had considered only making him a cookie with a big 2 on it, but then I realized that he totally associated birthdays with cake and candles. Plus, I really like cake. So, I decided to get creative and make him a cake that was decorated in his favorite thing: the solar system.

I researched how I might do this by looking at Betty Crocker’s Summer Birthday Cakes site for some inspiration. I loved how the cakes included different items other than just frosting to create 3D images and designs.

One of my favorites was the Flip Flop cake. My sister-in-law created something similar to this a few years ago for the 4th of July, and I thought it was just too awesome. And, considering my love for both baking and decorating cakes, I rolled up my sleeves and started working.

First, I gathered my necessary equipment. I chose to use a yellow cake from Betty Crocker and vanilla frosting – this way, I could dye it any way that I needed.


Then, I decorated the top of the cake. The background was a grey color to help it look like space. Each planet is made from either a cookie or candy. I used the frosting that I dyed in different colors to decorate the top of some of the planets (I’m most proud of Earth!).

It's the solar system!
It’s the solar system!

Looking for some inspiration for a cake you might make this summer? Betty Crocker has you covered. Click on the picture below to see the pin on Pinterest that teaches you how to make easy ice cream cone cakes!


Do you have a summer event that could use a fancy cake? What will you be creating?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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