Summer’s a Bash!

Summer’s a Bash!

Summer’s here and moving quickly. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that our kids are involved in so much because they are older or because we’re going more places because they are older or if it’s just because I’m older. Regardless, this summer is moving! And if I’m being honest, this summer has been so quick it’s more like a summer bash!

So far, we’ve had dance camp, swim lessons, doctor’s visits, fireworks, friends over, birthdays, new adult playgrounds, books, sprinklers, naps, movies and we’re not done!

Next we head to the beach then more camps (dance, wrestling, band!) and start all of the getting-ready-for-school routines once more.

Every few days, I look at the kids and say, “This is a pretty good summer, huh?” They always reply, “Yes!” And we haven’t even made it to the beach yet.

When summer is this awesome, it fills my heart. My childhood summer memories are happy ones: friends and pools and relaxing. I can only hope that my kids are feeling the same way — or will someday — when they think back.

sunflower summer bash

The theme for our poetry link up this month is Summer Bash. Here’s my take on the theme:

Summer’s a Bash

Here and gone
Sun is hot
Air is wet

Pools and

Eat what you want –
Don’t ask –
Sleep in
Watch movies

Lightning bugs


Here and gone.
Over too soon.


So, it gets easier and more fun. I knew the time would come when Math Man and I would enjoy the time a little easier. In fact, today, Math Man grabbed a nap while I went for a run and worked out…and the kids were a-okay without our constant supervision. The 8 year old even assured me that he could help with food if needed. What is happening?!

But wait – there’s more poetry!

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