The days are long

The days are long

Summer is here. Ooh boy, that brings a lot of emotions and feelings. Yay for not having to wake up so early. Yay for a more relaxed atmosphere. Yay for the pool. Yay for family time. But, mama still has to work and now everyone’s home. The days are long now that the sun sets later, but my nerves are shot.

The upside to having summer here with all the kids home is that Math Man is home, too. He’s an amazing father and my best friend in the universe, so he generally calms my nerves or at least provides eye candy. But in typical kid fashion, they all come ask me questions even if dad is literally sitting 2 inches from them.

This past week, Diva was the only kid home since Memorial Day marked the beginning of her summer vacation. Just her alone kept me from working as much as I needed to finish tasks, and I found myself feeling frayed by the time everyone else came home.

Now, the rest of the kids are home, so I’m betting on them keeping each other a little more company while I try to meet deadlines and due dates while still aiming to have summer time with them.

And wouldn’t you know that our poetry theme for our blog link up is Longer Days. Here’s my contribution:

The days are long

I’m tired
I’m weary
I’m worn
These days
so long
so unbearably long
the years and summers
so short

Just one more phone call, please.

One more moment at the computer.

Yes, I’ll fill your apple juice.

Yes, I’ll make you some chicken nuggets.

Why sure, I love that scribble scrabble.

Of course it feels great when you sit on my back
while I type
this important memo

But, too,
you snuggled on me
in the wee hours of the morning
breathing your sweet breath
warm, cuddly, still

I love you until my heart breaks.

poppies sunset

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