It’s summer time. Summer is always a good time to slow down, write some poetry, and wax rhapsodic. Here’s my stab at a little summer time poetry:

(Un) Odeto theSun

In the dog days of summer
when my kids are tired, sweaty, whining, crying
you smile at me from above.
I hear you laughing.

“Enjoy this beautiful day,” you whisper.
“I’ll be back tomorrow.”

I find myself crossing my fingers for clouds.
Maybe a little rain.
A thunderstorm or two.

That way, I can say,
“Oops, sorry. We can’t go outside today.”

But still you return.

Because of you, there are thousands of extra steps:
sunscreen that’s too thick
hats no one wants to wear
pools with splashing kids
sunglasses that don’t fit.

Yet they love you.
They search for you.
They yearn for you.

“But the sun is shining!”

“It’s a beautiful day.”

I see what you’ve done there,
siren of the sky.

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