Cost of Freedom

Cost of Freedom

Cost of Freedom

I know no answers.

I say to myself,
“I’d never have been like that,”
should I have been there.

But who knows?

Color of my skin says
I probably would have been.

Maybe not.

Marching alongside?
Clearing a path?

Or complacent?

I’m here now.
Too quiet?
Too careful?

I don’t know the cost of freedom.
It was handed to me at birth.

My bloggy friends also wrote poetry. This month’s theme is Freedom:

Short and Clear” from Karen at Baking in a Tornado

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3 thoughts on “Cost of Freedom”

  1. It was handed to me at birth too. But that freedom includes the pathway to make changes, the ability to step forward in making freedom a reality for all. The current issue is how to do that safely and effectively.

  2. Ohmyword, yes! I like to think I would have marched alongside. But my freedom, too was handed to me at birth.
    I guess I will march alongside now…

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