DIY Canvas Art

DIY Canvas Art

So, I have a bug. A crafting bug. I can’t seem to get myself to stop, and now that I have a Cricut, it’s even worse. I would love to blame my friend, Mlis, but I think she really just fed the bug and helped it grow bigger. (I just realized I made the perfect pun with bugs and a Cricut – ha, I crack me up). In an effort to keep playing and learning stuff on the Cricut, I decided to make some super simple DIY Canvas Art and demonstrate how truly easy it can be.


First, I gathered materials. I decided to use small 5×7 canvases that I grabbed in bulk from my craft store. Bonus that the store shipped, and bonus that I found them on sale with a 40% coupon. I love it when the items I need are on sale.

Next, I decided that I wanted to make Halloween canvases since my family sorta kinda likes Halloween. My three littles chimed in with their options for the designs we used.

I’m sort of a Edgar Allan Poe nerd, so I had to have a raven. After that, the only choices the kids liked were the “mad pumpkin face” and a skeleton (they actually said the skeleton was really scary!).

using design space

I quickly found them using my Cricut Design Space program, cut them on black cardstock, and voila. Plus, the kids helped me remove the cardstock from the Cricut sticky pad, and they felt especially important in the process.

boys help with canvas

Gathering Materials!

A year or two ago, Mlis had sent me some of the pages and “leftovers” from Close to my Heart’s Halloween collection. It included paper and the Cats & Bats complements (too cute). I plan to use the pages in a scrapbook that I swear one day I will complete, but until then the kids and I looked through the complements (I might also call them doo-dads) and scrap pieces to see what we might use.

canvas prep

Stars, bats, a moon, and corner pieces were a perfect combination for the designs we had cut with the Cricut. I loved the black striped paper, so that’s what we added to our “mad pumpkin face.”

The Finished Product!

I simply used my glue tape to attach, and abracadabra! Now, I won’t put these outside as the paper would likely get funky, but these are going to look awesome on my mantle. I may even hang some ribbon behind them and put them on a wall. The choices are unlimited — but this was so frighteningly easy!

diy halloween canvas

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