Go Mom: 2019

Go Mom: 2019

A new year, a new me. Seems cliché, right? I know, I know. Over the years, and as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that New Year’s Resolutions in the traditional sense often set us all up for failure or disappointment. But I’ve also learned that setting an intention or goal for the new year works for me. Last year, my goal was to craft more. I would say I succeeded at that one (yay me). This year, my goal is to hear my kids yell, “Go mom!” as I show them how strong I am in so many ways.

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With four kids, a (sexy) working husband, and jobs that keep me extremely busy and stressed basically all day every day, I don’t find time like I used to. The focus has moved swiftly away from me to them. While that’s ok to an extent, losing who I am trickles down to my kids.

I’ve noticed (or maybe I’ve simply learned because of growing up) that my children will emulate me. If they see me reading a book, they find one so they can join me. If I’m doing some crafts, they desperately want to participate. And when I begin to act healthy and positive, they do the same.


My basic goal is to simply be healthier. There are multiple ways to do this that don’t just include exercise although that is very near the top of my healthy-goal list. My specific plans to be healthier include:

  1. Lay off the junk food (hard one for me) – I love me some ice cream and chips and all things sweet or dangerous for my waist-line. I know that moderation is key, but the amount I’m eating would scare most people.
  2. Drink that water – I got onto a kick of drinking a soda a day. That’s not horrifying, but it’s way more than I had been drinking in almost five years. I have a cool water bottle, so I’m back to filling and using that. I did, however, find a sparkling water with no funky stuff (read: aspartame or sucralose).
  3. Get wiggling – Running and I are frenemies. I don’t want to like it, but it’s the one activity that makes me feel good when I’m done (good in like a I-want-to-sit-and-never-stand-but-dang-I-just-did-that kind of way). So, inside this goal, I’m trying to get back on a running pattern that will train me to be successful at completing 5ks that I completely run (with no stop to walk for a bit). Back before I had my unicorn horn removed, I was able to do a 5k in 34:00 without stopping to walk. I want to get there and then beat my best time.
  4. Beauty sleep! – Math Man and I have fallen into the trap of staying up way too late after the kids go to bed. We like each others’ company, but we also like TV. So we’ve accidentally gotten in to the (not-so-bad) habit of watching a couple of shows and then sitting and talking. This is fabulous for our relationship but horrifying on our sleep patterns. Our goal is bed by 10 pm at the latest even if that means I’m reading for a few before the lights are out.


The methods by which I plan to meet my goals are two-fold. First, I have created a page that I can use to keep track of my 5ks. I do plan to complete #19in2019, so Flash and I created a sheet. The cool thing is that he’ll help keep me honest by coloring in a dot for each race when I write the information in.

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Secondly, I have hooked up with a coach who will keep me accountable on a more adult level. Shana (check her out at shanahartman.com) and I have developed a plan where she will check in with me without guilt or negativity while listening to my goals, struggles, and more. I know that this accountability works well for me, so I’m excited!


The past few years have taken their toll on my attitude and my heart. In fact, Christmas night of 2017, I spent two hours in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Doctor Ugly Sweater told me I just needed to exercise and was stressed out, I was ready to have a Christmas massacre on his face, and I went on back home.

I did go to a cardiologist after the chest pain would NOT go away. Turns out I have a slight irregular heart rhythm that I am apparently well aware of (unusual) and extremely sensitive to. Yay me. I’m on medication to help with those palpitations, but the chest pain isn’t gone. It comes and goes depending on the day and the situation.

Obviously, I’m dealing with anxiety and stress, and I know that one way to lessen that sensation is to take care of myself in the ways I’ve explained above. In turn, this will give my kids the mom they deserve and my husband the wife he signed up for.

In what ways are you taking 2019 by storm?

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  1. YAY you! Heart issues can be scary, glad you listened to you and got seen! And to hear the kiddos say GO MOM! Well, that’s the best part of all of it!

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