Have a Kid Friendly and "Fancy" Thanksgiving

Have a Kid Friendly and "Fancy" Thanksgiving

As our kids are getting older and more aware of what these holidays are all about, I’m enjoying giving them the chance to make some decorating decisions on their own. I asked them what would make our Thanksgiving table fancy, and other than “candles” and a “table cloth!” they suggested markers for their seats.

We talked about what we could do to make these, and they decided turkeys would be the best choice. So, we brainstormed. How could we make turkeys for our table? (And I’m thinking, how can we do it in the most cost-efficient and least annoying way?) Then, Miss Sassy Pants had the brilliant idea of creating not only name markers but also napkin holders.

As everyone has toilet paper rolls at some point in their house, we decided that we could use:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • scissors
  • glue
  • construction paper
  • marker

We chose a color for each of us and wrapped the toilet paper roll with that color construction paper. Then, we drew a quick guide for turkey feathers and made them out of multiple colors. Miss Sassy Pants even got a little silly and made a turkey feather mustache.

Then, we made little turkey heads out of some of the scraps (don’t forget the wattle!).

Once we had all the pieces, we put them together, and voila – a little name marker for the table. All that was left was to put the napkins through, and they look like wings.

The kids are excited to have their names ready for the Thanksgiving table. We’ll add a fake candle or two and hope that the table cloth isn’t ripped off the table before we even eat.

What do you do to make your table “fancy?”

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