The Darkness Fades

The Darkness Fades

Ah, winter. And better yet, the post-holidays winter funk. Right now in NC, we’re literally having spring. It’s weird, and it’s disconcerting, and it’s a bummer. Because we know that this “spring” is actually fake, and there will be a blast of arctic air coming very soon.

My blogging friends and I have a poetry link up each month. Sometimes, I remember to get myself together and write. This month’s theme is Darkness. It’s a perfect topic for January considering it’s after all the joy and light of the holidays, and it takes 30 basquillion days to get my first paycheck of the year.

When I started writing about the theme of Darkness, my brain went to the dreary days of winter and rain. We’ve had gross weather for the last few days, so my brain was just there.

None of what I wrote made me feel good. So, I scratched it all and went a different direction:

The Darkness Fades

No lights
creaks and bumps
greet them
shadows, surprises
meet them
in the darkness.

Howling winds and
pounding rain
scare them
thunder, lightning
can’t prepare them
in the darkness.

Breathing hard
coughs and chokes
hound them
stomach aches
circle ’round them
in the darkness.

Light peeks in
warmth and safety
surround them
hugs, reassurances
abound, then
when the darkness fades.

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