Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

Every now and again, I love to scour various sites for interesting and different conversation pieces for the house. As our kids get older and there are fewer opportunities for breakable items to – well – break, I’m more and more willing to add these sorts of items to our shelves and tables. Uncommon Goods offers various interesting pieces that would be perfect for gifts or for decorating your house with exactly what they offer: uncommon items that will definitely strike up conversation with your guests.

For your doorstep

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Probably, my favorite set of items is their funny doormats and rugs. While some are definitely serious (like Footprints in the Sand), I’m just dying laughing at the “The neighbors have better stuff” mat. Perfect to sarcastically detour any potential unwanted visitors.

And I can’t get over how cute the “Hello there” fur and flowers dog mat is! The puppy on it looks just like our Boston Terrier, Lemonade. Even looks as angry as she tends to look. If you’ve never had the chance to hang out with a Boston Terrier, I highly recommend it!

uncommon good hello there doormat

Lighting the world

Always a sucker for a cool candle, their unique candles and candle holders have various items that I just love. I’m immediately drawn to the Prism light and could see my Sassy Pants (who is 12 going on 25) loving that for her bedroom. Adding this one to my Christmas list! It is definitely for an older kid or person since it does require a candle to work. “This unique lantern uses a special holographic film between two layers of glass to split flickering candlelight into a spectrum of color that seems to dance within the glass.”

Something about the Stoneware Match Striker also catches my eye. This would be so neat outside on the patio or on the front porch for lighting citronella candles or starting the charcoal grill. I especially love that this particular item is handmade!

Pretty baubles and gifts

Gift giving is one of my absolute favorite parts of life. Uncommon Goods offers many unique gifts and they are easily categorized by event, price or person. I’m especially drawn to personalized gifts these days – especially those that illustrate that I’ve paid close attention to my friend or family member.

These Birth Month Flower Earrings are absolutely beautiful. They are handmade, and they can vary just a little in appearance. I believe I’m putting this on my next-year’s birthday list for Math Man.

uncommon goods birth month flower earring

Then, because I have family members all over the states, I just love this Personalized Family Signpost. How cute would this be in the kitchen or living room? With as large as my family is, this signpost would actually be an amazing gift for my parents. Shhh, don’t tell them I’m thinking about it!

uncommon goods signpost

Uncommon Goods offers a wide variety of gifts and unique items. Prices range in such a way that they have something for everyone’s budget. Be sure to follow Uncommon Goods on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to check out the Uncommon Goods blog, “The Goods.”

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for the introduction to this store! I found a Ticket Stub Diary that I would like to order. It’s something that I’ve always needed but never knew existed! 🙂

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